Nos, Italian eyewear with a fresh new style

Nos embodies the spirit of the contemporary Italian style, an expression of craftsmanship created through decades of applied skills and constant dedication. Each eyewear product results from the uniqueness and prestige of a “handmade” tradition that we hold dear as our greatest value. Our eyewear products, designed and manufactured entirely in Cadore, have been designed to offer the best comfort so that you may experience the pleasure of wearing an item of true Italian design.

Nos Eyewear Collezione 2022
Collezione 2022
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Style without equal

Nos Eyewear is a choice of style and unconventional beauty where the triumph of technical and stylistic uniqueness is a claim to natural purity. Our collection interprets contemporary Italian design with eclecticism, giving life to exclusive approaches of style and elegance, according to a new and current concept of Italian design far from stereotypes or set rules.

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Nos Eyewear
Made in Italy Occhiali
Nos Eyewear
Nos Eyewear

Artisan quality

Nos eyewear boasts the authenticity and refinement of the best Italian craftsmanship, made by the people and for the people, thanks to a product that gives high value to the human resources that preserve the best of our history. Wearing Nos eyewear means experiencing the heart and soul of the people who created its collections, in a process where excellence and love for Italian tradition shine in each of these signature products.

Nos Occhiali
Linea dorata

An exclusive and elegant design

The Nos Eyewear collection makes use of an unconventional metal profile embellished by exclusive processing. It is combined, through an extraordinary layered effect, with the crystalline transparency of acetate to create sophisticated combinations of textures and colors. The blend and alternation of the two materials, the pride of Nos eyewear, give life to a unique and sophisticated design based on a technique of unmatched quality.
The steel structure with nylon thread also makes the frame light and resistant; the ergonomic temple tips feature increased thickness to balance the weight of the eyewear and provide maximum comfort; the hinge screws are coated with Teflon to prevent unscrewing. All strictly 100% Made in Italy.

Occhiale Uomo acetato
Nos Eyewear
Nos Eyewear

A timeless collection

Nos represents the rebirth of a contemporary Italian style and a concept of beauty without stereotypes, shaped by craftsmanship that is the result of decades of technical excellence, drive for perfection, and constant dedication. Each eyewear model is manufactured in Cadore, with a careful selection of the best materials, following the strictest certification requirements and elegantly refined by the expert hands of people who have been fully dedicated for decades to a mission of proudly creating timeless, durable products, unique in design and finishing techniques. The Nos collection was created to offer the best comfort for your eyes, making you experience all the pleasure of wearing an item of true Italian design boasting excellent craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy.

Metal, acetate, and combined materials

The processing of metal and acetate, which we shape with artisan care and using the most advanced technology, led us to achieve ambitious goals giving life to a combined frame that has become our flagship item in which metal and acetate blend in perfect harmony. Our metal, acetate, and combined material collections leave room for plenty of aesthetic and functional choices, while our 100% Made in Italy production allows us to maintain maximum control over the quality of the more than 70 production stages that contribute to the creation of our eyewear.

Occhiale metallo uomo
Occhiale acetato uomo
Occhiali Made in Italy

An Italian story

The greatest value for Luxol, from whose solid foundations Nos was born, is that of having been rooted in Cadore for more than 50 years, choosing Italy in order to contribute to the economic development of the country. A choice based on ethics, quality, and excellence led us to select only Italian materials that we process entirely in our factories, thanks to the expert hands of master artisans. Our natural desire for perfection has been defining our journey of personal and manufacturing growth since 1969.

Manufacturing excellence is born in Cadore

Nos Eyewear is the youngest offspring of a process of growth and development started in Cadore more than 50 years ago, and that combines unmatched accuracy and craftsmanship with the most modern Italian design, merging technology and style to create unique material combinations such as metal and acetate.
The solid foundations from which the technical perfection and comfort of the Nos collections arise originated from Luxol, a historic eyewear company in the Cadore district that has been eyewear frames since 1969. An Italian and Made in Italy excellence that can convey its passion and ethics, quality and technical skills, thanks to its many years of operation in the heart of the Belluno area.

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