50 years of excellence in the Cadore district

Nos Eyewear was established as the evolution of Luxol, one of the historic companies founded and still operating in the Cadore district, the Belluno cradle of Italian eyewear. This historic company, which manufactures frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses, was founded in 1969 and specializes in processing metal and acetate.
Our 100% Made in Italy production allows us to hold maximum control over each of the more than 70 production stages needed to create an eyewear item. Keeping the design and manufacturing in our land of birth, Cadore, refusing to de-localize the production stages abroad is an ethical choice that we have been proudly pursuing for over 50 years.

The best eyewear Made in Italy

Metal is without a doubt the material that Luxol historically processed for the longest time and skillfully so to the point of using for the Nos Eyewear collection an unconventional profile embellished by exclusive processes to obtain a multi-layered effect with enamels and leaving room for games of color or metal in its natural purity. The natural evolution of materials subsequently led to a specialization in the use of acetates, which, enriched by manual finishing, highlight the aesthetics of each model to maximize the intrinsic characteristics of each material used.
The combination and alternation of metal and acetate, the feather in the cap of Nos eyewear, is designed according to the concept of layering, an exclusive process that allows the creation of games of color and visual effects that, combined with metal, create sophisticated combinations.

Acetato rosso Donna

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True beauty knows no boundaries and stereotypes but consists in an authentic style, free from all rules. Beauty, according to Nos, is a fluid and intense style, free to interpret our different preferences, a celebration of our true identity. This is why the Nos Eyewear collection consists of different models as well as various shapes and materials, from acetate to metal and combinations of the two materials, to offer everyone plenty of choices according to one’s personality. All models are designed and made 100% in Italy with selected raw materials and processed to obtain a quality product, designed to last over time, just as we like it.