The s570 acetate model has an extravagant hexagonal shape inspired by the 80s. The milling on the inside of the rim draws attention to the eye, making it unique.

Black Blu Havana Pink


The S569 model is gritty and unconventional. Its square and contemporary shape and the vaguely retro design enriched by glossy-matt details will win you over.

Black Havana Light Blue Pink


The polygonal shape gives you a whimsical and gritty air. The millings made on the inside and outside of the rim create plays of light and embellish the frame.

Black Green Havana Red


The rectangular shape that never goes out of fashion. For the S566 model we have chosen a rectangular geometric shape with an energetic and intriguing line.

Black Blu Grey Havana Red


This unisex model in acetate is a great classic. Its iconic shape is striking for its versatility. The high thicknesses make the model very modern.

Black Blu Green Havana


The square shape of the S564 acetate model mixes the more classic and rectangular shape of 90s eyewear with the more feminine "cat's eye" shape. Simply irresistible.

Black Blu Havana Red Violets


Essential design and innate elegance. The combined model S563 reflects a sober and flawless beauty. Pure lines, refined materials, sophisticated colour combinations embellish the whole.

Black Bordeaux Bordeaux Havana Red


S562 is the result of a mix of combinations. Combination of materials, acetate and metal that merge perfectly. Combination of colours, contrasting with each other and yet so in tune. Combination of soft lines, where circle and oval merge creating a new shape.

Black Blu Bordeaux Brown Havana Red Yellow


Dynamic, geometric, glam. The bold lines of this acetate frame are enhanced by the glossy-matt interplay of the details for a dynamic and lengthened look.

Black Blu Havana


Feminine, sensual and enveloping. This classic "cat-eye" shape is embellished by the special facets on the front that lend this frame a chic and elegant look.

Black Green Violets


A great, revisited classic, fitting all faces. The vintage reference of the keyhole bridge, the matt-glossy play between the front and the material removals, the well-defined angles, lend this frame an unexpected grit.

Black Grey Havana Light Blue Yellow


Vintage with style. We were looking for a frame with a classic shape but with hints of modernity. So S558 was born. High thickness and clear front lines, for those who love the past but want to be trendy.

Black Blu Havana


A reinterpreted acetate round shape, soft but firm. Fresh and contemporary in size and thickness, it is lightened by a skilful and delicate removal of material and by a matt-glossy interplay.

Black Blu Green Havana


Classicism and volume. A classic, timeless shape, enhanced by the matt-glossy effect of the front, makes S554 an essential, timeless and never ordinary frame.

Black Blu Havana Yellow
Occhiale avana s552


Refined, discreet, intriguing. The straightforward design of the shapes in these elegant eyeglasses meets the extraordinary textures of acetate to bestow an intense and magnetic look.

Black Blu Brown Havana Red
Occhiale blu s551


Eccentric, kaleidoscopic, inebriating. The refined and extravagant elegance of these wonderful eyeglasses with rounded shapes and high-energy textures transforms the wearer’s gaze with timeless class.

Blu Bordeaux Brown Havana Red
Occhiale nero s550


Essential, sleek, and refined. An eyewear model marked by lightness and minimalism that brightens the face with sinuous shapes, captivating colors, and exceptionally translucent surfaces.

Black Bordeaux Havana Light Blue Red Violets
Occhiale lampone s549


Elegant, feminine, magnetic. The wearer’s gaze finds an energetic boost in this acetate frame. Unique refinement lies in the decorations and facets of the shape.

Black Bordeaux Green Red
Occhiale nero s548


Dynamic, vibrant, energetic. All the dynamism and versatility of acetate for a high-energy frame with iridescent facets. For an intense look and daring beauty.

Black Blu Havana Red
Occhiale nero s547


Superb elegance and a magnetic gaze. This frame enchants with the sophistication of its materials and thickness, catching the eye by creating a unique game of colors.

Black Brown Gold Green Havana Red
Occhiale avana s546


Contemporary, strong, and unconventional style. Clear shapes, games of lines, and transparencies for these eyeglasses boasting a light and charming front of great visual impact.

Blu Bordeaux Brown Havana Red
Occhiale grigio s545


Sinuous, enveloping, intriguing. These acetate and metal eyeglasses stand out for their unconventionality, from the enveloping and flat shapes to the particular and unusual technical features.

Black Blu Brown Grey
Occhiale marrone s544


Elegant energy for an essential yet bold shape. This original and delicate acetate frame is of great charm and shows its different effects through color.

Black Brown Grey Red
Occhiale blu s543


Sophisticated geometries, bold thickness, and a look of great impact. Reliefs and thick shapes prevail in this powerful and carefully made frame, designed for those who love to dare.

Blu Grey Red
Occhiale blu s542


Expressive power, intensity, character. In these eyeglasses, the strong colors and transparency of the acetate create a powerful effect for casual and carefree beauty.

Black Blu Yellow
Occhiale salvia s540


Timeless charm and sophistication. Wide, serious shapes and extraordinary combinations of metal and acetate make these eyeglasses a high-class evergreen.

Beige Blu Gold Green Grey Havana Silver


Eclecticism, extravagance, charisma. This frame combines metal and acetate, accentuating the design of these eyeglasses and bestowing extraordinary power with unprecedented charm.

Beige Black Gold Red Silver Violets
Occhiale rubino s538


Energy, practicality, charm. These acetate eyeglasses define new combinations to embody different interpretations of beauty.

Black Havana Red Violets
Occhiale avana s537


A timeless, elegant, refined design. Through the brilliance of the acetate, these eyeglasses bestow to the wearer’s gaze charm and sophistication.

Black Havana Red
Occhiale blu s536


Dynamism, eccentricity, energy. These glasses embody all the dynamism of acetate, thanks to the iridescent transparencies that bestow three-dimensionality to its shapes.

Black Gold Havana Red Violets
Occhiale nero s018


Refined elegance and vibrant contrasts. The metal frame of these eyeglasses makes them a refined and eccentric item, with an innate charm and cross-style.

Black Blu Gold Red Silver
Occhiale rosso s017


Classic, serious and elegant shapes. These eyeglasses are a timeless signature item. Mute and elegant colors for a frame of great elegance and versatility.

Blu Gold Green Grey Red Silver
Occhiale blu s015


Soft, light, and elegant shapes. A timeless signature item with refined metal in the unique profile that allows the processing on multiple levels.

Black Blu Brown Gold Green Grey Red Silver
Occhiale blu s014


Elegance, dynamism, and timeless character. A metal frame with a wide and thin shape that, thanks to a special precision processing, provides unique refinement.

Black Blu Green Grey Red Silver
Occhiale onice s013


Practicality, dynamism, refinement. This metal frame, with its slender and dynamic shape, is enhanced by vibrant colors and strong alternating contrasts.

Black Blu Gold Red Silver Yellow
Occhiale Blu s011


Purity, elegance, refined simplicity. These glasses interpret metal in an extraordinarily refined manner, in a stylistic game of colors and brightness.

Black Blu Gold Red Silver Yellow

Nos collection

Each one of our eyewear models is manufactured in our factories in Belluno through a production cycle that lasts more than 50 days and where all our knowledge of more than 50 years in the sector, artisan tradition, high quality and ethics along with an all-Italian pride for items of excellence combine. The shapes, sizes, pantoscopic angle, weight balance, and fit are designed to optimize the assembly of all lenses, especially progressive lenses, and to ensure maximum comfort. The many geometries of the frames and the different colors available provide a wide choice to find the product that best suits your personality and the shape of your face.