Luxol is a historic, family-run company, strongly linked to its land and the embodiment of Made in Italy at its purest. Its ethical principles on work, product quality, transparency, and fairness in business make it one of the most precious jewels of Italian eyewear manufacturing.

The world of design is closely connected to the highly developed technical and ethical skills of this company, which, thanks to the vision of its designer, Laura Rattaro, fueled the enthusiasm to create a collection made specifically to highlight the uniqueness of the micro-world of excellence that is Luxol.

The NOS collection on which the designer worked had to make all these aspects shine to convey them directly to people and the end-users through excellent optimal comfort in terms of vision and wearability.

This is Luxol’s mission, and it is conveyed from the product and the well-being of the end user all the way to the many families of products that embody all the beauty, finesse, and refinement of a highly specialized world that operates with shapes and materials that are also very different.

Good design is made of attention, care, and competence and has the goal of improving people’s lives. This was also the task of Luxol’s designer: combining the highest quality in design, manufacturing, and comfort with aesthetics that reflect the company’s soul and history while keeping a firm eye on the future.

The choice in this perspective was to create a line that had nothing excessive or ephemeral to it and especially nothing forcedly trendy or exaggerated. Delicate originality was her answer. 

The NOS collection, to date, features several models with new themes and excellent workmanship, for a vast selection of frames that range from metal to acetate up to combined models, where the best of both families flows into iridescent shapes and exclusive workmanship to lead each material to its maximum expression.

The different geometries alternate between sharp and angular shapes to then find softer and rounder ones, none, however, without the class and character that the new NOS collection embodies with contemporary mastery.

“Good design is never just the result of pure aesthetics, but a perfect link between the skills of the company that creates it and the function it performs for those who will use it”.

Being special also means being able to do things that others are not able to do, and at Luxol, constant attention to detail over the years created the basis for achieving very high levels of quality. In the innovative technical solutions, in the meticulous, painstaking, and beautiful finishes that the designers created, brought together the best of Cadore’s techniques and craftsmanship to create a vibrant and multi-faceted collection.

In addition to precious techniques and elegant shapes, great importance was given to the search for a strong identity also on the theme of color, as an emotional language that would speak to the sensitivity and the soul of those who chooses NOS glasses. The more neutral colors – blacks, metal, and havana – are thus mixed with a series of pastel hues and brighter colors that dampen or emphasize the spirit of each model, providing overall coherence that joins the whole collection in a unicum of strong impact.

The design thus becomes the interpreter of noble contents, of Italian craftsmanship excellence, of taste, care, and kindness, to find a way to combine aesthetics and functionality that lead to solutions of excellence capable of reflecting the best of the Italian craftsmanship tradition.