The value of true Made in Italy

“The bitterness of poor-quality lasts for a long time after the pleasure of a low price has been forgotten.”

One could summarize in this manner the obvious difference – besides superficial differences sometimes difficult to appreciate for a client – between a low-quality and low-price product compared to a high-quality one with a higher purchase value.

And yet, talking about 100% Made in Italy means talking about businesses that, every day, without gimmicks or shortcuts, proudly defend their community and know-how, often the result of generations that succeed each other in renewing the drive for quality that they always set as their goal.

For this reason, it is never trivial to talk about a profession, passion, story because the stories and choices made by a company have the power to lead us to fully understand the value of what we buy.

The techniques refined over the years and the checks performed at every stage of the processing create a precious product that requires competent, attentive, and capable staff, having the same impact on the quality of materials selected from among many to be the highest performing and such to allow for more complex processing and thus give life to long-lasting products.

From the initial idea of producing laminated-gold eyewear and then expanding to the entire selection of metal and acetate materials, Luxol’s history and experience explain clearly why true Made in Italy products are so different from others on the market.

In fact, it is an industrial company that continues to work incorporating extraordinarily artisan processing, designing both the frames and the individual components and carrying out all the welding, milling, tumbling, assembly operations, and all the subsequent stages, with the exception of coloring and galvanizing, which are subcontracted to the company’s historical contractors in Italy.

The choice to remain rooted in Italy and its manufacturing environment originates from the faithful dedication to quality that producing in one’s own land offers if one wishes to monitor the manufacturing carefully, selecting only the best materials and workers from within the country. For this reason, all materials are of Italian origin, manufacturing takes place entirely in Italy and with raw materials and small parts that are selected for their excellent quality, such as Mazzucchelli 1849® cellulose acetate sheets.

“A 100% Made in Italy product is transformed for the client into durability over time, unique and refined details, full comfort and safety.”

The use of precious polishing pastes, the skills of master artisans, and the various steps required to stabilize the pigments in special ovens allow obtaining perfectly polished surfaces that reflect and release light, thanks to this exclusive stratification process. All of our coloring processes are rigorously tested by certified laboratories and comply with current regulations to guarantee the end-user not only an excellent and long-lasting product but also maximum comfort and safety.

In particular, sandblasting, brushing, and polishing, performed by expert hands, have the ability to enhance the raw material, the thickness shaped both for metal and acetate just if it were a small sculpture, where transparency and thickness become clearly unique, represent the result of technologies and manual skills that are truly hard to find.

Unparalleled effects of depth and texture are the result of an uncompromising choice of style and quality, where manual workmanship for each eyewear model seems to belong to an almost forgotten world that survives thanks to the determination of companies proud of their history that continue to hand it down, strong of the recognition of their customers, used to appreciate a quality choice all over the world.


“We are no longer accustomed to companies that are responsible for their products for years, that are ready to provide true customer service and offer maintenance over time. Luxol embodies the safety of an ethical approach that reminds us of where we come from.”

Luxol currently employs about 60 people in a facility that can manufacture from 1300 to 1500 products per day in metal and approximately 600 in acetate. It also features a sales and distribution network with 10 sales agents that can serve the entire national territory. 

A rare jewel of Italian spirit that still lives in the heart of Cadore and that is set-up to manufacture industrially while also retaining exclusive handmade workmanship and an extraordinary artisan approach to keep unchanged the best of the technical knowledge born in Italy and grow the love for Italian manufacturing whose reputation is famous across the globe.